Sincere at heart, dedicated at work, fastening with good faith.
In 1975, Teo Cheow Seng (Hong Kong) Limited, hereafter "Teo Cheow Seng", was officially founded in Hong Kong. Since the beginning, Teo Cheow Seng specializes in the production and trading of high-quality precision industrial fasteners. We also offer high-quality desiccants and plastic fasteners as a one-stop shop service to our customers. Over 40 years of experience, Teo Cheow Seng has become a pioneer in manufacturing high-quality fasteners. Our production line had once extended to several significant industrial cities in Guangdong province namely Huizhou, Jiangmen and Dongguan. To meet the various needs of our customers, Teo Cheow Seng set up a new production plant in the Science-Technology Industrial Park of Dong Cheng, Dongguan, China in 1996. The new plant, Dongguan PuXing Hardware Products Limited, is wholly-owned by Teo Cheow Seng which features advance machineries from Taiwan. More