Meaning of logo


The logo's scarlet colour represents our devotion and artisan-spirit towards the manufacturing of our fasteners. Look closely, this vigorous and steady screw seemingly symbolizes a thriving blossom breaking out from the ground demonstrating the enthusiasm of youth. Looking from far, this seemingly two-dimensional screw symbol also has a prominent shell-breaking feeling of three-dimensional exception.

Within this logo, the three layers or lines on both the screw thread and the oval base represents our fundamental philosophy: Trust, Credence, and Sincere.


In the pre-selling stage, same as the preparation of drawing a sketch or planning a proposal, we have relentlessly persisted to the core belief of ingenuity in order to build mutual trust with customers actively.

During manufacturing, each member of our company possesses the powerful strength by adhering to the core belief that all products of Teo Cheow Seng must prioritize quality as the prime as a rule of thumb.

We sincerely learn, constantly improving and optimizing. All Teo Cheow Seng's products must go through vigorous inspections to ensure stringent quality standards are met.