About TCS


Sincere at heart, dedicated at work, fastening with good faith.


In 1975, Teo Cheow Seng (Hong Kong) Limited, hereafter "Teo Cheow Seng", was officially founded in Hong Kong.


Since the beginning, Teo Cheow Seng specializes in the production and trading of high-quality precision industrial fasteners. We also offer high-quality desiccants and plastic fasteners as a one-stop shop service to our customers.


Over 40 years of experience, Teo Cheow Seng has become a pioneer in manufacturing high-quality fasteners. Our production line had once extended to several significant industrial cities in Guangdong province namely Huizhou, Jiangmen and Dongguan. To meet the various needs of our customers, Teo Cheow Seng set up a new production plant in the Science-Technology Industrial Park of Dong Cheng, Dongguan, China in 1996. The new plant, Dongguan PuXing Hardware Products Limited, is wholly-owned by Teo Cheow Seng which features advance machineries from Taiwan.


Today, Teo Cheow Seng has over thousands of different types of industrial fasteners and 20,000 SKUs on sale, including but not limited to screws, bolts, nuts, washers, e-rings, eyelets, rivets, pins, various types of plastic fasteners and custom-made parts. Additionally, the application of our hardware fasteners covers a great variety of applications, encompassing the 3C consumer electronic product markets, for example, computer, communication devices, personal consumer electronic products, aerial photography, audio and video players, mobile phones, printers, etc. For the industrial markets, manufacturers of home appliances, communication devices, automobile parts, power tools and electrical assemblies in lighting system, shifter-knobs micro-devices, and air conditioners are our customers and partners as well.


Since inception, Teo Cheow Seng holds true to its core entrepreneurial value of being robust to the basics with fervor. By holding on to the belief of creating outstanding quality and respecting customers and partners, the company receives numerous compliments and appreciations from many. Teo Cheow Seng collaborated with hundreds of business partners throughout the years. Many of them are world-renowned corporations, to name a few, Panasonic, VTech Electronics, Osram, Foxconn, Flextronics, Emerson, Miele, Dormakaba, NeTEC, Ergotron Precision and De'Longhi. Most of them are long-term partners with well over 10-20 years of cooperation. Over the decades, our products have spread to customers across the world and we are dedicated to bring our excellent products and philosophy to other regions and industries, typically Contract Manufacturers (CMs) or Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMSs) for multinational corporations and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) etc.


With professional experience and excellent reputation as our driving force, and combined with advance equipments, management techniques and well-trained staff, Teo Cheow Seng will continue to focus on producing excellent-quality fasteners for customers around the world.



Quality and Environmental Policy


Law abiding, Protect the environment, Environmentally friendly, Pursuit perfect quality



  1. Aiming at protecting our environment, we establish a series of rules and policies that fully complies with the law and all related environmental regulations.
  2. With advance workmanship and scientific management method, we aim to produce excellent quality products to earn customer's trust and maximize customer's satisfaction.
  3. We encourage employees to make suggestions with respect to product and operation improvement in order to achieve sustainable growth



Meaning of logo


The logo's scarlet colour represents our devotion and artisan-spirit towards the manufacturing of our fasteners. Look closely, this vigorous and steady screw seemingly symbolizes a thriving blossom breaking out from the ground demonstrating the enthusiasm of youth. Looking from far, this seemingly two-dimensional screw symbol also has a prominent shell-breaking feeling of three-dimensional exception.

Within this logo, the three layers or lines on both the screw thread and the oval base represents our fundamental philosophy: Trust, Credence, and Sincere.


In the pre-selling stage, same as the preparation of drawing a sketch or planning a proposal, we have relentlessly persisted to the core belief of ingenuity in order to build mutual trust with customers actively.

During manufacturing, each member of our company possesses the powerful strength by adhering to the core belief that all products of Teo Cheow Seng must prioritize quality as the prime as a rule of thumb.

We sincerely learn, constantly improving and optimizing. All Teo Cheow Seng's products must go through vigorous inspections to ensure stringent quality standards are met.